Medialab COVID Tracker

Welcome back to the Medialab COVID-19 tracker. A lot has happened since our last update in July. In that short period you might have signed-off from home-schooling, stay-cationed, eaten-out-to-help-out, supported a loved one though the cluster-shambles of A-level and GCSE results and paid constant attention to your hands, face, and space. Economically speaking, the tough […]

An Friday in the Life of… a Head of Data Solutions

Gary joined Medialab just before lockdown, coming from Eurostar where he was Lead Data Architect. As part of the integrated data and performance leadership team, Gary takes us through a day in his life at Medialab… 9am For me, the working day starts with the daily team meeting. I consider these to akin to agile […]

Medialab COVID Tracker | 20.07.20

To say that lots has changed since the beginning of Lockdown on 23rd March is an understatement. The coronavirus crisis has already moved through several phases. A further crisis of equality, diversity and inclusion has come to the fore. Brexit is waiting in the wings. And don’t even mention climate disaster. With so much to […]

An Isolated Friday in the Life of… an Account Manager

Having joined Medialab fairly recently, Maddy has become an integral part of the the Offline team, supporting projects across a whole range of clients. As we move past over 100 days of lockdown, we hear about her day… 7.30am First thing I do when I wake up is my morning skincare routine, and I’m not […]

Medialab COVID Tracker | 25.06.20

As further unlocking of the economy is announced, with bars, restaurants and much-needed hairdressers allowed to re-open on 4th July, and the possibility of a (UK) summer holiday on the horizon, our seventh Medialab COVID-19 Trackersets out changes to our audiences’ lives across the main themes of the crisis so far. A long period of […]

Partnerships With Purpose

In a world where our attention is currently all too often drawn to the more negative aspects of life I have been absolutely thrilled by how Medialab, its trusted client base and valued media owner partners have consistently come together to ensure that where possible our day job can make a genuine difference. Alongside broad […]

Medialab COVID Tracker | 08.06.20

We have now entered a more progressive phase of the easing of lockdown. Across the four home nations we can socialise more freely. Some school year-groups have partially returned. Non-essential retailers can open from 15th June. Pubs, restaurants, hairdressers, hotels, cinemas, and places of worship could open from 4th July at the earliest. The challenge […]

Medialab COVID Tracker | 01.06.20

It has been a very long time since we have faced an economic crisis this deep. Over 300 years. In 1706 the drain on the economy from the war of Spanish Succession drove national output down by 15%. And then the great frost followed in 1709. Back to 2020. In May the BoE estimated that […]

Locked down, but not out…

It’s been over 2 months since lockdown was introduced, and during this time we’ve all had to adjust and adapt to circumstances that we never thought we‘d be facing. Outlooks have changed, plans have shifted, and behaviours have had to evolve… But the daily challenges also bring with them positive opportunities, bright moments, and encouraging […]

An Isolated Wednesday in the Life of… an Account Director

Mattie has been at Medialab for 2 years, moving up through the ranks. Working across 3 clients, she has an interest and expertise in OOH, cinema and partnerships. Let’s hear about her Locked down day in the life… 7.00am I tend to get up at about 7 (I am not a morning person), and normally […]