A Wednesday in the Life of... an Account Manager

A Wednesday in the Life of… an Account Manager


I wake up and the first thing I do is get out for a run. I try and do a 5K run at least 4 times a week; I have been trying to be consistent with running in the morning, especially during lockdown, so I can start the day energised. (I received an Apple Watch for my birthday during lockdown which is a great way to track my progress and steps!)

I then have a shower, make a coffee, and have a bowl of porridge to get me started.


I like to get in an hour or so of email filtering and checking before our team catchup meeting at 9am. The team catch up is great; we share stories about our weekends/evenings, and we’ve all got a great relationship together and gel well. We catch up to understand what’s happening across each client and map out our objectives for the day/week, to get an idea what everyone has on. If we have been involved in any training, we’ll share this across the team and any useful tips.


I have a TV buying/planning background and work closely with my Business Director, Matt, on one of our financial service clients. We are currently working across an exciting brand brief, it’s great to see the client looking into new ways to connect with their audiences. We have a meeting to discuss some ideas and understand how best to connect with their audience. There is definitely a bit of excitement starting on a new brief. 


With lockdown measures now beginning to tighten and it darkening earlier in the day, Medialab have introduce some new ideas to help support our wellbeing and productivity. We keep between 12pm-2pm free from Zoom meetings and calls, to give people time while it’s still light to get a break outside if they need it, and to have some time to focus on more strategic work or catch up on emails. It’s been great so far, and I fit in a workout class on Instagram, following @Ciaralondon; she is fantastic and the workouts are so fun! I probably will start doing this more as opposed to running in the mornings as the weather has now turned. I’ll also prepare my lunch which is either salmon and salad or jacket potato and tuna. I have been working at my flat in London in my living room where I have a nice little set up. I’m lucky enough to have a balcony too, so I make the most of that with regular tea breaks in the fresh air. 


In the afternoon I tend to be on client calls, going through weekly campaign reports, which is great as I get to spend time researching what competitors are up to. This involves digging into the advertising/ TV industry more generally to see what other brands are doing.


I am in the middle of finalising Nov-Dec TV plans, which is exciting and interesting, but scary to think that Christmas is around the corner! I’ve also got some calls with media owners to see what opportunities they can offer; these are collaborative partnerships that I’ve really enjoyed. Something positive that has come out of the pandemic has been a push to think creatively for our partners, and work closely with media owners to come up with ideas that we may not previously have explored.


Time to shut the laptop, and wind down for the evening, which usually begins with dinner. Being Indian myself I do love making a chicken curry or a mixed vegetable sabzi. Me and my fiancé will put on Netflix to chill out (make sure you watch Ozark if you haven’t already!). Before bed, I like to end my evenings with a book even if it’s a few pages per night! Currently I am reading ‘The Lean Startup’ by Eric Ries; I do also love a good personal development/self-improvement book, with my pick of the bunch being ‘Think and Grow Rich’ by Napoleon Hill.

If you weren’t working at Medialab, what would you be doing?

I have my own online women’s swimsuit/bikini business called Mohani which I started 6 years ago and run in my spare time, so probably doing something similar to that in a sunny country like Dubai!

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