Diabetes UK Launch New Brand Campaign, This is Diabetes, with Medialab

By October 18, 2021 News

Living with diabetes is complicated and different for everyone. This bold new campaign shows the world what it’s really like, through the stories of people who live with diabetes day in, day out. In the campaign, you’ll hear from Liz, Jon, Kaajal, Gina, Snita, and five-year-old Libby and her parents, as they talk about what life with diabetes is like for them. Through the campaign, Diabetes UK hopes that individuals will see some of their own experiences and know they’re not alone.

Having successfully won a competitive media pitch process, data marketing partner, Medialab, has devised a media strategy that embeds relatable diabetes moments in daily media. The campaign will run across TV, Broadcaster Video on Demand, Radio, Paid Social, and Digital Display.

Lisa Day, Assistant Director of Marketing and Communications at Diabetes UK, said; “We’ve been delighted to work collaboratively with Mere Mortals, Hoi Polloi and Medialab on our This Is Diabetes campaign. Diabetes is relentless and is very personal to each person living with the condition. To be able to encompass so many lived experiences into 60 seconds will always be a challenge, but we’re proud of what we’ve achieved by working closely with our incredible storytellers, and hope the campaign will have a wide reaching, positive impact on everyone living with and affected by diabetes. We hope that everyone living with diabetes will see a part of themselves reflected in the experiences of our inspirational storytellers – thank you to them for sharing their story.”

Commenting on the appointment and campaign, Alex Kirk, Managing Director at Medialab said, “We were thrilled and proud to have earned the opportunity to work with Diabetes UK on this campaign. Covering the full media channel spectrum, and with such emotive and powerful creative, I am truly excited to see this campaign executed and driving engagement for such an important cause.”

You can watch This Is Diabetes here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rgHJcAh6BBI&t=1s