Instagram has launched donation stickers for Stories

By July 31, 2019 Charity, Digital

Instagram has launched donation stickers in the UK, after successfully launching in the US earlier this year.  The new feature allows people to raise awareness and money for the causes that matter to them directly through Instagram Stories.

For charities to be able to take donations, they must be on board with Facebook Payments service, by linking the Instagram profile with its Facebook page, and converting the profile to a business one.

How it works:
The donation sticker on Instagram Stories allows charities and their supporters to create a 24-hr fundraiser on Instagram. Eligible non-profit organisations will be able to create an Instagram Story, add the donation sticker and start raising money for a cause.
Using the donation sticker, supporters can give without leaving the Instagram app and all 100% of money raised goes to the charity.

This latest addition to Stories will help to modernise charitable donations and can reach the 24 million Instagram users in the UK – which is nearly 42% of the UK population!

Aibhinn Kelleher, strategic partnerships manager, Social Impact team at Facebook EMEA said: “As well as helping organisations reach new audiences, with 100% of all money raised going straight to the organisation, the Instagram donation sticker should be a valuable tool for the charity sector. We can’t wait to see the creative ways that people use Instagram to support the causes they care about.”