Our Account Director, Ellie


Ellie Aries stepped into her role as Account Director at Medialab with enthusiasm and expertise, 9 months ago. With a wealth of knowledge in the media industry, having worked in marketing and media for just shy of 5 years, Ellie is no stranger to the dynamic landscape of digital strategy. Her time so far at Medialab has seen her lead one of our client planning teams, utilising her keen eye for innovation and strategic planning. 

Here’s what a day in Ellie’s life looks like: 



Making sure I get a solid 8 hours of sleep always helps to ensure I bring my best self to the office, so I like to stay in bed for as long as I can in the morningsHowever, I have a new puppy and a 1.5-hour commute into work, so it’s always an early start. Before diving headfirst into the hustle and bustle of my morning routine, I love to make time for a brief moment of tranquillity – walking the dog to the station with my partner. My morning commute serves as my little moment of ‘me’ time before I get to work. Paranormal romance novels transport me away from the monotony, making the journey fly by! 



As soon as I step into the office, it’s all systems go. Client calls require my attention as it is part of my role to look into and optimise their campaigns on a daily basis, as well as supporting my team every step of the way. One-to-ones are a fantastic way to ensure that my team are on track and feeling positive about their workload, so I usually schedule those in for mornings too. As the morning unfolds, I shift gears towards the larger projects and plans on my to-do list. Recently, I’ve been really enjoying supporting one of our new charity partners, Save the Children, on its exciting new campaigns. 



Stepping out of the office for lunch is something that I ALWAYS do, as I love to get some fresh air and stretch my legs. Whether it’s savouring a meal amidst nature in the park or indulging in a spot of retail therapy – both right on the doorstep of Medialab’s office –it’s a moment of relaxation. Whenever possible, I opt for homemade lunches, however, I do absolutely love Farmer J, which is a lovely café just around the corner from the office, and super yummy. 



Naturally, my mornings usually consist of the work that requires my urgent attention, such as campaigns with imminent deadlines. So, once I’m back at my desk after lunch, the afternoons tend to be a bit calmer, where I may even tackle longer projects. Having often taken on tasks from my team earlier in the day I’ll start with those, before heading straight into my daily routine of proactively following up with clients, and laser-focusing on completing pending work. Brainstorming sessions with the wider team usually take place in the afternoons, as a good lunch is fantastic fuel for new thoughts on long-term planning! 



With the workday behind me, it’s time to unwind. Cooking dinner serves as both a necessity and a soothing pastime. Next on the agenda is a trip to the gym for an invigorating workout session. And as the night winds down, instead of succumbing to mindless TV, I prefer to lose myself in the pages of a book. Balancing the demands of a dynamic work environment with my personal passions isn’t always easy, but it’s a journey filled with purpose and a touch of personal flair that I wouldn’t trade for anything else. 



I’d likely own a bookstore – specialising in romance novels of course, as I’m a sucker for love, especially in the realm of fantasy romance. Alternatively, something more medically inclined might have piqued my interest; there’s always something cool to delve into in that industry! 



Just go for it! My first job was at a start-up, and the acceleration from that experience was immense. Don’t just focus on your role; instead, strive to learn as much as possible, especially in smaller companies where you’re likely to gain a more nuanced understanding of the industry. Trust me, it’s worth it! 

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