Our Account Manager, Kim


Kim started at Medialab in 2015, over 5 and a half years ago, and has one of the widest reaching roles in the company, supporting a number of teams across a host of clients. Kim also organises and looks after the weekly ‘Breakfast Club’, alongside other company social events.


I usually get up at 7am on a weekday, and in a bid to be healthy, I’ve started my mornings by going for a run – weather permitting of course! If it is raining, I’ll do some exercise indoors as it sets me up and makes me feel energised for the day ahead. It has been great to get this time back, as I’d normally be commuting if we were going into the office.


I’ll grab something to eat quickly, and by now am probably on my fifth cup of coffee already whilst I scan through emails for anything that needs my urgent attention and get some basic admin tasks done before starting the day.


Every Thursday, I host ‘Breakfast club’ for half an hour. This is a 30-minute education session that is open to everyone in the company. When we were in the office, we would provide breakfast for everyone, hence the name. We have carried on the initiative remotely so that we can still continue to further aid our learning & development. The learning is always based around relevant industry topics from Digital Brand planning to Mobile Marketing and Ad verification.


We have a team catch up at 9am each weekday morning, which is really helpful whilst we still work remotely. It allows us to check in with each other and make sure we are all updated on any campaigns that are running, and what needs to be actioned that day or if any problems might have occurred that we need to sort out.


In my role, I act as support to all of the client teams at Medialab, so whenever needed I help respond to client briefs and assist with pulling together campaign schedules.


During the winter months, I try to get out during the day time as much as possible, and have recently moved in with my sister so at lunchtime I’ll normally go for a walk and find new areas to explore. We also have a virtual yoga session for 45 minutes now every week; Medialab has put this on for us whilst we are still working remotely, so I’ve started attending to try and find my zen!


I am currently working across a lot of digital planning campaigns, and my key responsibility for this afternoon is to sign off campaign set ups, check in on performance and review our optimisation strategy and budget set ups. I work closely with our Account Exec to implement campaigns effectively and keep my clients updated.


There’s not too much to do in the evenings these days, so I’m usually deciding what to cook for dinner and then chill out in front of the TV – recently I’ve been getting into ‘A discovery of Witches’ on Sky.

If you were not working at Medialab, what would you be doing?

I’d probably be doing something in events planning. I love arranging things, whether it’s organising nights out with friends or helping to plan our company weekends away – the sense of accomplishment when everything comes together, and people have had fun is always a brilliant feeling.

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