Our Account Manager, Amy

Amy Bevis (002)

Amy joined Medialab earlier this year and has taken her role as Account Manager by storm, she has worked with a number of clients including RNLI and Alzheimer’s Society showcasing her skills in both offline and digital channels. Read on as she takes us through her busy Thursday.


I usually wake up at 7am, although my boyfriend got back from travelling last night and absentmindedly switched off my alarm, so I woke with a fright at 8am. I grab a Pret breakfast on the way in, read my book during the commute and people watch. Seeing what other office goers are wearing is great for some inspiration!


My mornings start with a team meeting. Throughout the week we delegate our time to different clients, making our way through the task list and key actions to take from the meeting. We had the digital specialists come in and talk us through digital innovation today which was super informative. Part of this was alerting us to new updates to be aware of, such as how IOS 14 affects any campaigns we are working on.

After the team meeting, my Account Executive and I will go for our weekly 121. This usually involves a walking-meet, and we’re currently doing a little tour of coffee shops local to the office – shout out to Archetype coffee who’s the current favourite! We sit down and then I let him lead the discussion, we cover his workload, any questions about the previous meeting, feedback on his current tasks… and this is all done before 10am!

I then do some quick-fire emails before I meet the Apollo team. We have two big campaigns launching later this week, so the Apollo team has helped set up dashboards for these. Apollo is our bespoke Marketing Intelligence platform, and among many of its features, it allows us and the client to review performance 24/7. As you can imagine, it’s very useful.


Quite an exciting lunch today, as we are meeting our Alzheimer’s Society Legacy clients. Although I’ve only been here for 4 months it’s lovely how you can form such nice bonds with clients, and we are looking forward to meeting some newer members on their side too.


As I said we have two big launches this week, so we are currently setting up the TV campaign. A part of this is feeding back on spot times. Spot times are essentially a document of all the TV programmes with the channel, time, date, and placement across it, detailing our forecasted spends and highlighting any big spots. We want to find the best spot to ensure that our target audience will be shown the advert. I will then outline and delegate some tasks to my Account Executive, who is currently tracking performance on the TV campaign, then we’ll communicate key points to the clients ahead of the launch.

It’s been great working across digital and offline channels, as this variety is not something many agencies offer. When I started Medialab upskilled me on digital channels as I worked which was great as who doesn’t want to become a multichannel expert? I then set time aside to do my Thinkbox TV Masters training and attend some You Can Now sessions, Medialab’s new training partner. I found their delegation course particularly useful, considering I am a line manager!


To top off the end of my Thursday we head down to Collablab (Medialab’s weekly all company meeting) for our monthly figures update and the reveal of our Grab-a-Grand nominations. Grab a Grand gives everyone in the company the chance to nominate a charity of their choice, every month, with the winning charity receiving a £1000 donation from Medialab. I submitted a charity this month, so fingers crossed it receives this month’s donation! But if not, I can always submit it again next month.


We have our Pride Mixer this evening. Medialab Mixers are new, coined by our Social Committee, they aim to make our socials more inclusive. I’m looking forward to it, it links with our Together We Stand session tomorrow, which will discuss Rainbow Washing in the industry. Together We Stand is our internal initiative chiefly aimed at educating one another about each other’s differences, it can be very insightful! After work I will usually head off to Volleyball to top off the day.


A tattoo artist would be quite fun although I don’t have any tattoos myself, is that a requirement?

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