Our Account Executive, Rosie


Rosie started her marketing career by joining our first Marketing Bootcamp Training Scheme cohort, since then, she’s grown in her role to become a fully-fledged Account Executive.



I try hard to wake up earlier than 6.30am to get some Yoga in, but I just don’t think I’m the type so 6.30 it is. I get ready and jump on the Northern Line into work, and if there’s time, I’ll pop into Pret and get a coffee.

I’ll try get into the office slightly earlier to write my to do list and prepare myself for the day. I will then login to Apollo, our data marketing platform, and check on all the digital campaigns I’m working on and make sure everything is running smoothly before my team’s morning call.  On Tuesdays, we feedback to the rest of the team on campaign performance for each of our clients, see where optimisations can be made and talk through any upcoming tasks.

It’s currently the end of the quarter, so a lot of my time is spent pulling campaign data together to then create post campaign analysis presentations for our clients. After this I will meet with my Account Manager, and we’ll refine and plan out the key takeaways for each campaign presentation before sharing.


For lunch, I usually go out with a few friends from the office, some of whom are fellow Bootcampers. There were 8 of us who joined the Marketing Bootcamp scheme together, which gave us our first step into the industry. It’s set up for people who want to start a career in media planning and digital marketing but might not know where to begin. The Bootcamp has been a great opportunity to secure a permanent, full-time role which started off with a broad 3 month training plan, gearing us up to become client facing Account Executives. It’s given me an opportunity to learn about TV planning, digital, out of home and lots more, so it was an ideal route into the industry. Everyone in our Bootcamp intake starts on the same page – it’s always nice not to be the only one asking loads of questions!

Early Afternoon

After lunch I turn my attention towards my individual objectives. Right now, I’m doing my weekly report for a charity client; feeding back on current performance and working on areas to optimise their campaign which I’ll send over to them before our meeting tomorrow.

I’ll also get started on any campaign set ups that need doing, as currently I work on a lot of Facebook campaigns across my clients. Facebook set ups begin with building out the audiences, which involves inputting the specific demographic and interest targeting that has been specified within the campaign plan. I will then create the ads using the creatives supplied by the client, and make sure the ads look good across all digital placements.

During Bootcamp, we completed several training sessions around metrics, platforms, and targeting, and this massively helped me develop my marketing knowledge which gave the confidence to handle a variety of tasks once I moved into my client team.

Late Afternoon

One of my financial services clients is currently launching lots of new products, so I’ve been assisting in quite a few campaigns they’re developing. This has been an exciting process as we’ve been more involved with the campaign creative process, using our performance analysis and market data to advise on what’s best creative practice dependent on the digital platform. This allows me to see how campaigns grow from start to finish and we get to really help develop the client’s vision.


I usually finish at around half 5/6, it’s a great location so I may go for a drink with people from the office but usually I’ll head home to cook dinner and do the yoga I aimed to do in the morning.

If you weren’t at Medialab, what you be doing?

I think I’d like to be a travel blogger


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