Our Account Manager, Sharmin

Sharmin Account Manager

Sharmin joined Medialab over a year ago and has been the main contact for all things PPC. She is responsible for the making sure campaigns involving PPC are running smoothly and are optimised.


I wake up between 7.30 and 8am, then get my little brother ready for school before getting the Victoria line into the office. It’s a short journey on the tube but I have to drive to the station so if there’s traffic the morning meeting will hear all about it… it’s become a running joke in my team.


I then have my morning meeting with the entire team. We’ll run through priority tasks, any optimisations and any handovers – it’s August so it’s holiday time, meaning we need to make sure we’re delegating tasks appropriately.

I then give my PPC update. PPC stands for Pay Per Click, so when you see an advert at the top of a Google search, for example, it is usually set up by someone like me. I’ll give my update and answer any questions around strategy against a campaign for PPC. I will give recommendations such as improving key words or advising on copy changes.


After the meeting I’ll then catch-up with my mini-search team, making sure campaigns are running smoothly. This is also a great opportunity to pinpoint further areas of optimisation. For instance, if we have an ad that is running really well but we’re limited by budget, we’ll report back to the clients and see if we can pull parts of a budget from another area that isn’t doing as well.

I will then scan over my to-do list and prioritise any client sensitive tasks first; like proofing reports, providing media plans, roadmaps and sending off client emails. I will also have a few clients calls before lunch.


I’ll usually meal prep for the week and by the time it’s 12 I am starving, so I have my lunch fairly early. I like to go for a walk during lunch, and if it’s nice weather a few of us will head to the park or I’ll have a look around the shops. Being so close to Oxford Circus is really burning a hole in my pocket.


This is where I work through my task list. I’m more productive in the afternoon so unless it is time sensitive, I’ll do the majority of my jobs here.

I will do a deep dive into campaigns; we are currently doing a post campaign analysis. This involves looking over how the campaign performed, recommendations for if we run it again, how to improve and areas to expand on. As part of my role I spend a lot of time on search engines (like Google or Bing), scrutinising campaigns and identifying areas where we can push it further. It is also important for day-to-day management and monitoring of performance.


Something I like to do is provide internal training sessions at the end of the week on all things PPC. There’s a brilliant learning culture at Medialab, and whilst these sessions are for client planning teams, anyone who’d like to learn a little more is always welcome. I usually get questions throughout the week, which will guide the session, and it’s a great opportunity for everyone to upskill and for me to share my knowledge.

Towards the end of the day I make sure I’ve answered any outstanding emails and prep for upcoming meetings. I’m going to the FIFA Night social, which one of our Business Directors has organised. It looks like it’ll be a pretty good turnout with most of the company going! Considering how competitive we can all be, it should be an interesting night…


A travel journalist, I used to do a travel blog before Covid-19 so would be nice to get that going again.

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