Medialab October COVID Tracker

A remarkable and poignant set of news and data have emerged since our last edition. Runners raised over £16m as part of the (virtual) Virgin Money London Marathon, as many as 900,000 more children sought free school meals, a record 6,001 net store closures were reported in the first half of  2020, and 3.5 million […]

A Wednesday in the Life of… an Account Manager

7.00am I wake up and the first thing I do is get out for a run. I try and do a 5K run at least 4 times a week; I have been trying to be consistent with running in the morning, especially during lockdown, so I can start the day energised. (I received an Apple […]

Medialab COVID Tracker: September

Welcome back to the Medialab COVID-19 tracker. A lot has happened since our last update in July. In that short period you might have signed-off from home-schooling, stay-cationed, eaten-out-to-help-out, supported a loved one though the cluster-shambles of A-level and GCSE results and paid constant attention to your hands, face, and space. Economically speaking, the tough […]