Over-reliant on face-to-face as a channel to recruit regular donors and experiencing declining ROI, Scope needed to diversify and attract new regular givers at scale cost-efficiently, with a key focus on quality audiences for sustainable supporter income.

Faced with low brand awareness and a little-understood cause we created an audience-led regular giving campaign which provided new audiences new reasons to engage long-term.



Size of new audience reached


Reduction in cost per new regular donor


Increase in retention levels


Insight drove the strategy. Mums were identified as the core target audience for the campaign due to a higher propensity to give long-term and a more natural affinity to the cause. Research revealed that mums wanted to build resilience in their children and needed more magic moments together.

The Mindful Monsters product was created to meet that need, tap into the growth of mindfulness and the subscription market, and drive further awareness of Scope’s wider mission and vision. Mindful Monsters is also aligned with one of Scope’s strategic pillars of a ‘best start in life’ – that is, promoting and empowering children to be mindful, positive, resilient, and kind; all with a fun focus on teamwork.

Mindful Monsters is aimed at mums with young children, providing 12 months of mindful activities to build children’s life skills and create family moments. For £7.50 each month, supporters receive 7 activity cards using monster characters to address challenges through play and creativity, plus tips and advice to maximise impact.

A digital-only strategy was executed for launch via an always on paid social recruitment campaign with an established audience to target. Paid social enabled us to target broadly, quickly, cost-effectively, and gain valuable audience insight to drive continuous optimisation.

Mindful Monsters was launched as a minimal viable product (MVP), so rigorous testing and optimisation was crucial in determining the success of the product and potential to scale.

Mindful Monsters Facebook Post

Monthly testing strategy

A monthly reactive testing strategy was implemented to help keep the campaign fresh to combat ad fatigue. We worked collaboratively with Scope to rapidly develop and execute new creative ideas, informed by performance and insight, throughout the campaign.

Audience rotation and granularity

To avoid oversaturation audience segments were regularly rotated, allowing us to simultaneously approach new groups while constantly reviewing the top performing segments. A granular approach was adopted, systematically targeting the core interests of the audience and then delving deeper within those audience segments.

To increase campaign reach and engagement, a gifting variant was also introduced at Christmas to broaden the target audience beyond parents, to relatives and friends of people with children.

Scope Mindful Monsters Social Media


As a genuinely audience-led campaign, Mindful Monsters engaged a new audience that Scope had previously been unable to attract, driving scalability and rapid income growth, exceeding campaign targets and providing a significant improvement on CPA, ROI and breakeven time.

  • 95% of responders had no previous connection to Scope, an audience of 1.8 million
  • Significant improvements in cost efficiency and quality vs. the core channel, face-to-face
  • Cost per new regular donor was 75% lower
  • 9-fold increase on retention levels
  • Campaign projected to break even in half the predicted time

Due to the success of this approach, Scope is now investing in Mindful Monsters as a viable product and scaling up with a full multichannel campaign this year.


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What they’re saying

“Medialab’s data-driven approach has had an unbelievable impact on the results of Mindful Monsters from day one. It shows in the results with the paid social campaign and it’s gone above and beyond what we thought was possible. Medialab have been motivated, results focused and are easy to work with. We’re delighted to be partnered with them on the campaign.”

Si MuddellDirector of Engagement & Innovation