Oak Furnitureland is a British furniture retailer, specialising in fully assembled hardwood furniture. The company has numerous stores across the UK.

Oak Furnitureland had an existing Single Customer View (SCV) in place, but it was no longer fit for purpose as they were unable to access and analyse their own data. As part of their new customer centric strategy, a new SCV was needed to track customers and their communications across every channel.


Within 4 months Oak Furnitureland had an operationally live SCV.

Deeper customer insights allowed improved communications to build a loyal and trusting customer base.


We started with a 4 week consultancy analysis to assess the situation and devise the optimum solution. This involved understanding the long-term business objectives, alongside identifying the key users and their requirements.

The design stage focused on building a solution where Oak Furnitureland hosted their own data and Medialab would manage the solution through MS SQL Server. Building the solution in MS SQL Server provided a foundation layer which is scalable, where campaign and analytics front-ends can be added over time. To start with Tableau was the chosen Business Intelligence tool for Oak Furnitureland to access and visualise their data.

Data inputs and outputs were defined alongside a set of standard SCV fields covering; geography, demographics, marketable, transactional, engagement and satisfaction.

Five SCV views were re-built overnight, this allowed flexibility to cover questions across different customer grains including email and address.


A key requirement of the new solution was that data was to be made available to the Oak Furnitureland team. The new SCV allowed the Oak Furnitureland marketing team to have direct access to their customer data for the first time in a user-friendly manner with data visualisations via Tableau.

Building a personalised picture of the customer and their journey allowed more insights to improve future sales and customer interactions – leading to better customer retention and an improved overall customer lifetime value.

The SCV is being used to quickly and factually answer commercial questions around potential store cannibalisation alongside creating targeted and personalised offline and online marketing communications and help support customer growth.

What they’re saying

“Working with Medialab on our new SCV has been a breath of fresh air! The team’s data-driven approach and knowledge really shone through and we are now able to build a full understanding of our customers, which means we can offer them improved customer service levels and benefit from better customer retention and higher conversion rates.”

James RoseHead of eCommerce and Customer Insight, Oak Furnitureland