Partnerships With Purpose

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In a world where our attention is currently all too often drawn to the more negative aspects of life I have been absolutely thrilled by how Medialab, its trusted client base and valued media owner partners have consistently come together to ensure that where possible our day job can make a genuine difference. Alongside broad commercial sector expertise, Medialab provide award-winning support to a significant number of the UK’s most prominent charitable organisations; a critically important sector that is facing an estimated £4bn income deficit as an outcome of these extraordinary times.

What I have been most struck by is that when partners work collaboratively, and with energy from all involved we can deliver performance which creates a positive impact on people’s lives. This is only possible through partnerships with purpose which are arguably more important than ever before in response to these extraordinary times. They must be allowed to flourish rather than be diluted by commoditised arguments that lose sight of the objective, the true value and ultimately the purpose.

As I have said before, how people and organisations behave in challenging times is the truest reflection of their culture. Medialab’s impact in the last few weeks alone, has generated an extraordinary breadth of conversations across over 20 different Charity partners. We have created virtual fundraising platforms to replace long-standing physical events, helped to create, deliver and optimise vital Emergency campaigns to drive awareness and generate much-needed donations like the partnership with Ocean Outdoor that saw British Red Cross displayed across some of the UK’s most prestigious giant digital screens including the iconic Piccadilly Lights in London. We also continue to provide ground-breaking strategic support to create scenarios to help address the unprecedented regular giving financial hole that has been created in the Charity sector through social distancing.

Most recently we have helped create, support and accelerate an outstanding partnership between Alzheimer’s Research UK, YouTube and Jay Flynn and his record-breaking TheVirtualPubQuiz that generated over £300,000 of life changing donations across four unique celebrity quiz take-overs. This unique partnership reinforced the importance of transparent senior relationships that are based on trust not volume of spend potential and the very real value in identifying, respecting and then engaging an existing on-line community as a platform for charity income growth.

No conversations progress with key media partners without a clear framework for how we will deliver actionable insights, investment accountability and modelled marketing performance. Without exception, partners across all media owners have been creative, agile, open and generous with the breadth and diversity of their talent, time and support. No wider deal, share or volume debates occur so the canvas is as blank as it will ever be and many of these trusted partners are standing tall to build new relationships and reinforce established ones to generate incremental spend and drive outstanding results. These partnerships, across Medialab’s diverse Charity portfolio will help change lives.

It seems more obvious at the moment because of the social and economic environment we find ourselves in, but the right behaviours are what differentiates businesses today. Work with people you trust and who trust you. Move fast and bring people with you. Share everything and hide nothing. That’s partnership with purpose. 

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