The Case for In-Home Product Sampling

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The Case for In-Home Product Sampling


Product sampling is a well-known and popular way for FMCG’s to put their product into potential customers hands to let them try before they buy. Until now most people associate sampling with promotional teams handing out samples in transportation terminals or in busy shopping centers, but there is a new, more targeted and cost effective channel for advertisers to get their product trialed by potential customers hands.


Online mail order companies have long been accepting complimentary 3rd party loose inserts into their customer parcels and now many mail order companies can carry product samples as they have the space and can see the benefits for their customers.


“Parcels from @JoJoMamanBebe always have the best samples. Chocolate and mint @teapigs tea and bubble bath. #awesome”


Targeting potential customers at home alleviates a lot of issues with traditional out of home sampling where it can be difficult to gain recipients attention, target the right audience, and the cost involved for space, stand and staff. With in-home transactional sampling the sample is effectively endorsed from the carrier, there is no wastage as it lands directly on the doorstep and recipients have fewer distractions to fully experience the sample.


Brands such as Cadbury’s, Bear Nibbles and Teapigs have all realised the benefits of in-home product sampling. A popular programme for brands looking to target affluent young families is boutique mother and young children brand JoJo Maman Bébé and they have carried several complimentary samples in their online parcels. As well as brands having a money off type coupon with the product, reaction is also monitored on online and recipients often rave about the samples they receive on social media, such as: “Parcels from @JoJoMamanBebe always have the best samples. Chocolate and mint @teapigs tea and bubble bath. #awesome.”


In-Home product sampling is a cost-effective and engaging route to target the right audience, with time to fully appreciate the product and ultimately drive the purchase of the product, and according to the Product Sampling Council*, 92% of consumers would buy a new product if they liked it after receiving a sample.


Helen Opalka, Account Director, Medialab.


*Product Sampling Council – CPG Marketer survey Feb. 2007




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