British Red Cross launches new campaign encouraging families to have kind, informed conversations about the Covid-19 vaccine

The nationwide campaign ‘Encouraging kind, informed conversations that will save lives’, has been designed to tackle vaccine hesitancy. The message is clear; by taking the vaccine, you are not only protecting yourself but also saving the lives of your loved ones. Having informed conversations about the vaccine is a kind thing to do, that saves lives. 

New research conducted by British Red Cross highlighted that family members are one of the most trusted sources of information on the vaccine, particularly for people from B.A.M.E communities. However, the research also reveals that people from B.A.M.E communities are far more likely to have seen or heard information encouraging them not to have the vaccine. It’s vital people are sharing facts not fiction.

The British Red Cross says that given the significant role families could play in decisions around vaccine uptake, it is crucial that people are equipped with facts and information to have informed conversations. With that in mind, and as part of the campaign, British Red Cross has launched a new film and information hub on their website, designed to encourage and help families have kind, informed conversations about the Covid-19 vaccine. There will also be radio adverts and posters in over 650 sites across the UK. Their Vice-Chair, Professor Geeta Nargund, is speaking to national and regional broadcast media today about the findings of the new research.