An Isolated Monday in the Life of… a Head of Analytics

By April 20, 2020 News, Opinion, Uncategorized

Tony has recently moved within Medialab to become Head of Analytics, alongside a bolstered Data team. For the most part, Tony’s role is centred around managing Medialab’s proprietary data marketing platform; Apollo.


Working remotely and living in lockdown somehow hasn’t afforded me a lie in! Kids still wake up at the same time. But the first thing I do, before all of that, is walk to our spare room which I’ve converted into a temporary office. Apollo is our proprietary data marketing platform, which our clients use to keep track of all their campaigns. So, my first job of the day is to log in to Apollo and check the integrity of all data feeds.


One good thing to come out of these extraordinary times, is that I’m spending more time with my kids. We start the day with a bowl of cereal and see what work they’ve been sent from school. They’re doing great, but really starting to miss socialising with their friends.


Everyday, all the teams across Medialab have a 9am check in. The Apollo team, which includes data engineering, data science and data analytics (my team), log into Zoom and go through what’s coming up for the day, prioritise, and review blockers that anyone has for our projects. It’s also a chance for us to make sure that everyone is feeling healthy, and that spirits are in good shape!


I’m working closely with the Media Planning team, particularly with Charles (Planning Director) and Dara (Account Manager) for one of our big Financial Services partners. We have built a comprehensive dashboard for them, that visualises all of their campaign performance, however there is always room for improvement. We are incorporating in more feeds, to make our insights even richer and enable stakeholders to make more informed investment decisions.


A catch-up video call with another partner, which has become a daily occurrence, to review their dashboard. At the moment, the media landscape is changing everyday, and so more than ever our partners are valuing having a clear and real-time view of their campaign performance. There are daily planning discussions happening to ensure that media investment is being effectively allocated, and Apollo has been incredibly useful for all our partners to continually assess how to best optimise their campaigns.


Our new stationary lives means that it’s so important to get exercise in! The ‘ExerciseLab’ initiative has been great at encouraging everyone to keep up with exercise, and my small daily contribution is a 10K bike ride after we’ve all tuned into the midday update from one of the board. Good for the mind, body and soul!


Tag team with my wife, in that I’m in charge of making the sandwiches for me and the kids’ lunch whilst she goes for a walk. Managed to send the last Tesco delivery to our old house about 30 miles away, which ended up with me having to chase the driver down at a social distance of 2m!


There’s a catch up with Gary, our new Head of Data Solutions, who I’m working closely with on Apollo. There are some new features we are developing and looking at bringing to market, around automation and machine learning. These upgrades will further support clients in getting the best outcome on their marketing budgets. I also get a little tour of Gary’s garden that he’s been working on over the weekend; a call for business and pleasure.


I have a chat with Flis (Business Director) and Emily (Senior Data Scientist) to get an update on progress around how we visualise live data from the results of an attribution project. We’ve got some great software that brings client data alive in the form of engaging visualisations that we’re enjoying getting to grips with.


It’s business as usual, which means we are always working on continuing with the team’s personal development and helping them with any issues they might be having. We’ve had some recent new starters within the team, so a lot of it is focused around new objectives for the year and unlocking new responsibilities.


Work is done, and it’s time for a game of FIFA. We’ve got the third round of the Medialab online FIFA tournament on Wednesday, so I need to be up to scratch. A loss last week means there’s ground to catch up.


Once we’ve done dinner for the kids and read them their bedtime story (they’re currently enjoying Matilda), my wife and I will have our supper, followed by an episode of Ozark. We’ve just finished the first season and are being very careful not to binge.


I’ll read my book in bed, which is currently something by Bill Bryson. I’ve got into him over the last few years, and all the travelling is pure escapism. Much needed escapism.

If you weren’t at Medialab, what would you be doing?

I would probably be drumming – mostly rock, punk, indie kind of stuff.