A Wednesday in the life of… an Account Executive

By January 5, 2021 News

Coming straight from finishing her Masters at Cardiff University, Lucy joined the Medialab team in the pandemic last year. As an Account Executive, Lucy talks about her day working across a number of our client partners, and the routine in lockdown…


In this (not so) new WFH routine, my alarm goes off and I would normally drive to the gym with my music on, usually something from Hamilton, blasting to wake me up – but now I just drive to the north downs for a walk. I try to get out and do exercise as much as possible, especially during lockdown, and I really like using the time to listen to music or a podcast. At the moment, I’m listening through the Michelle Obama podcast – I would definitely recommend!


Once I’m finished exercising, it’s time to head home and get ready for the day. Getting ready for the day involves having a coffee, putting my trackies on (WFH comfort is essential), and beginning to check over my emails. Like a lot of the other client teams at Medialab, I’ll also look at how any live campaigns are performing from the day before, and then update my to do list. That list is how I function, as it keeps me on track, and I get satisfaction ticking things off throughout the day.


I always look forward to the morning team meeting as it is a great opportunity to catch up and find out what everyone is up to for the day. We are really conscious of sharing workload and making sure no one has too much on their plate at one time.


Before we finished for Christmas, we had some company training which taught us to acknowledge when you’re most productive and set up your day to accommodate that. So, I usually use the mornings to tackle my most important tasks, as that’s when I work best and I am at my most productive. This morning, I’ve got a call with one of our charity partners to talk about their new campaign on TikTok, which we’ve used to boost some of the organic content and spread brand awareness. 


I have weekly catchups with my managers Charles and then Mattie to touch base. I joined Medialab during lockdown, which has definitely been a strange experience – particularly coming straight from University, as I had just finished my masters in ‘Digital Media and Society’ at Cardiff last year! The support from the company has been amazing, and I was lucky enough to make it into the offices in between lockdowns to meet some of the team in person which was lovely. I am very excited to get into the office a lot more this year (COVID-permitting!)


I’ll take advantage of the Medialab 2 hour Zoom free lunch period by getting some fresh air. I also use this time to catch-up on emails without distraction which I find helps me stay productive.


Over Christmas I was running the British Red Cross ‘Snowman’ campaign, which used creatives from the ‘Walking in the Air’ snowman film we all know and love, to encourage donations for the charity. It was a great first campaign to work on, and I enjoyed adding in some updated creatives to keep the campaign feeling fresh. The GIFs and video that have been created for the campaign are very nostalgic and overall the campaign performed really well!


This afternoon, I have a few campaigns to setup in Facebook, and then I’m speaking with some of our media partners to learn about what’s going on in their platforms to see if there is anything our clients could make the most of. We are currently working on getting some ads running on podcasts this year for one of our charity clients, which is very exciting to be involved in – particularly as a fan of podcasts!


Our team has a final call check in call where we give an update on how each of our days have been. It also turns into a more social call, where we will share evening plans and recommend any good TV series! Then once we’ve finished for the day and I’ve closed my laptop, I’ll Facetime my boyfriend and friends to catch up, and then have dinner with my family.

I’m currently watching the new series of the Mandalorian, which I love. I have also recently binged Bridgeton on Netflix which was amazing!

If you weren’t at Medialab, what would you be doing?

Home organiser – think Marie Kondo, I like to organise and fold everything!