A Wednesday in the life of… a Paid Search Director

By April 7, 2021 News

Rob joined the Medialab team in the height of lockdown, and with restrictions soon to be easing, he’s looking forward to finally meeting everyone who he knows only via Zoom soon. Playing a crucial role in leading Medialab’s Paid Search activity, Rob takes the time to tell us about a day in his life… 


I am definitely a morning person; I tend to wake up around 6am thanks to my personal alarm clock – my cat who is usually begging for food! I normally get up to feed her and make some breakfast for myself – porridge, toast and some coffee is the standard for me.


I like to clear my head first thing, so I try and go for a walk in morning to set me up for the day feeling refreshed and ready to go, when I get home I usually start sorting through my inbox, organising and assessing what looks urgent for that day.


Whilst working remotely, we start the official workday with a daily team catch up. I work on the digital team, so meet up with our Digital Performance Director, Elle and Digital PPC Manager, Jacob. It’s a good time to check in with each other and is always nice to see their faces! We’ll usually go through our daily to do list and find ways on how we can all support each other. 


I specialise in PPC, so support client accounts across a number of projects. The morning is usually filled with specific internal team catch ups on PPC activity and performance. We ensure that all PPC best practise is in place and sometimes I will join client calls with the account teams, so that I can see where we are against target and help to identify opportunities for growth.


This is usually when I have a chance to do some admin and catch up on the morning’s emails that have come through. Today, I’m also joining one of our commercial client calls focussing on market fluctuations. I find these calls fascinating as you can see how quickly sales can be affected, and by what. For example, Since the pandemic hit, our clients have seen lots of changes due to lockdowns and then restrictions easing so internet searches for certain things will spike at different times. E.g. travel insurance/holidays etc. We look at what is happening in the market and how it could affect our clients so that we can plan and adjust plans and campaigns accordingly.


At Midday we have a ‘LiveLab’ – it’s a way of letting anyone in the company have a platform to speak for 10 minutes, and I really enjoy watching them and getting to see the different faces and personalities of my colleagues. I joined Medialab last year, so only made it into the office for my interview and haven’t had the chance to meet all of my colleagues face to face yet! We’ve managed to have a number of virtual socials; last week we had a ‘Medialab Mixer’ which allowed me to speak to those I’ve not worked with on a daily basis, and now I’m looking forward to getting into the office even more to meet everyone in person soon.


I try and get outside at lunchtime; sometimes I’ll go for a walk, or a run if I’m feeling energetic, although recently I’ve found a new hobby in gardening, which still gets me some fresh air! I’ve also been tucking into the last remnants of my Easter Egg that Medialab sent me last week, which was a very welcome surprise, as it tastes so good.


We have a call with Google every 2 weeks. This gives us a chance to go through general account performance and stay up to date with the latest best practice. After the Google call, we have a similar one scheduled in with the team from Bing; they’ve been sharing lots of audience data on older demographics, so it’s always an interesting conversation.


We have a strong learning culture at every level of the company and this afternoon I am on a management training course. This is one of a number of half day training sessions that we have had remotely, which looks at things such as time management and resilience, but today we focussed on being more inclusive and understanding how we can all be impacted by unconscious bias. I felt there were a lot of ideas I could relate to, for example how people perceive accents as I’m originally from the north of England. I’ve now found ways to identify subconscious micro messages and how to deal with them, so I really felt like I got a lot out of it.


My girlfriend and I have made the most of the various lockdowns by cooking a lot more. We’ve swapped our commuting time for gardening and cooking decent meals. It’s been really rewarding to use the food that we’ve grown ourselves in the dishes we create; a lot of our herbs, onions and garlic have been used as the bases for many sauces! Once dinner is ready, we’ll tend to chill out in front of the TV, and recently I’ve been going old school, watching The Simpsons via Disney+.

If you weren’t working at Medialab, what would be doing?

I’m quite an inquisitive person, so I think it would still be something research or data based. Probably another data analytics type role or working in market research, so that I’d still have the ability to dig deep into the insights and understand how markets are moving.