A Thursday in the Life of… a Marketing and Business Development Manager

By November 26, 2020 News


70% of the time I am a morning person; the other 30% is a lucky dip and it’ll take me an extra half an hour to get into the swing of things. First thing I’ll do is check the news and emails in bed, before having a shower, opening up my laptop, and noting down what I’ve got to do for the day.


First meeting of the day is with the marketing team to catch up on key priorities for the day. It’s a great opportunity to run through any key decisions that need to be made, and a chance to talk through any upcoming initiatives or activity. For example, today we reviewed some articles we have written around how charities can refocus for 2021, which feature the highlights of some research we carried out with YouGov to better understand consumer behaviour around charities in the pandemic


We have a weekly Zoom session, which is open for anyone at Medialab to join, called Together We Stand. The idea of these sessions is to enable open conversation about topics around diversity and inclusion, both in the workplace and more widely. It’s also become a great platform on our internal work chat, for people to share resources, be it films or books, about all manner of injustices in the world. The group was kickstarted as a result of the Black Lives Matter movement earlier in the year, and has evolved and grown since. As well as joining the sessions, I’m helping design and create a fortnightly internal newsletter as part of that, with my colleagues Maddy and Josh. The meeting this morning is to review the final draft, and make sure we are all happy before sending it out to the company.


In a year like no other, Medialab has managed to grow, and gain a number of fantastic new client partners. PR is a key pillar of my role, and the last few months have been busy in that respect. Last week we announced our latest partnership with natural pet food brand Forthglade, and before that, Alzheimer’s Society. There are a couple more press releases to write and share with trade and industry publications before the end of the year, and so my morning is mostly spent finalising the latest release.


For Lockdown 2.0 I moved back to the family home in Bristol, to spend time with my parents and one of my sisters who had the same idea. It’s been an unexpected and massive positive to come out of the pandemic, and I know they’ve also enjoyed being able to have us back for a month – something we’ve not done since University days. So, lunchtime in Bristol involves a walk down to a local river (no lockdown puppy in tow sadly, not for lack of nagging), and then back for what’s usually some type of soup or leftover from the night before. I’m trying my best to keep up with exercise, and have started doing some HIIT sessions at lunch which has really helped. Going out for a run now it’s cold and wet has started to lose its appeal…


As Marketing Manager, I ‘manage’ our website and content. As mentioned before, Our Integration Director, Nick Parker, has worked on developing a series of articles, that look at some of the key areas of fundraising, how they’ve been impacted by COVID, and how charities can make the most of any opportunities that have arisen. I’m working on a launch plan for the content – we are going ‘live’ next week, so watch this space!


A pause from the screen for some tea, before working on our 2021 plans. It’s that time again, and with my better ‘marketing half’ Clare, we’ve begun building the annual Marketing plan for next year. It’s definitely not a small job, but we’ve got a really strong strategy and clear objectives to work from, and it’s an exciting process mapping out all of the opportunities and activities to come. One of the challenges is how we can ‘Covid proof’ our events and activity as much as possible as we head into another uncertain year.


Once I’ve shut my laptop, I’m usually fairly good at clocking off completely. But once shut down, I’ll most likely read my book for an hour or so, just to do something that doesn’t involve looking at a screen. I’m part of a book club, which we’ve just about managed to keep going over Zoom, and so for that I’m reading ‘Dinner at the Homesick Restaurant’ by Anne Tyler – would recommend! Top tip, if you can’t get to a bookshop, have a look at Hive; once ordered, you can choose your local independent bookshop and they’ll give a percentage of your purchase to them.

If you weren’t at Medialab, what would you be doing?

A film composer; combining my two favourite things!