A Friday in the Life of… A Receptionist & Office Administrator

By March 13, 2020 News, Opinion, Uncategorized

Annalise is a new member of the Medialab team and is the first face you’ll see when coming through the door. Annalise holds down the Medialab fort, and whilst she ensures that everything in the office runs as it should, she’s also got some sharp design skills.


I have three alarms… As you might have guessed, I’m not a morning person, especially at this time of the year. When it’s dark and gloomy, you just want to stay in bed. When I eventually make it out the house, I’ll get a bus to Brixton stations and join the pack of penguins that huddle together in an enormous queue. At the moment I’m listening to a Russell Kane podcast, which genuinely has me laughing out loud on my own on the tube. Weird looks..


As soon as I’m in the office, I’ll do my usual office checks. Shutters open? Loos topped up with paper and soap? Coffee machine full of coffee? Enough tea out? Music on? Fruit basket topped up? This one’s important, as everyone loves bananas with their cereal in the morning.


Once I’ve reviewed my emails, I’ll give the news publications a call, to make sure our insert campaigns have been delivered and in the right quantity. They haven’t got our inserts through yet! This is usually the case, so I’ll ring back in the afternoon.


I’ve got a meeting with our Marketing Manager, who is briefing me on some graphic design work for our Media Sales arm of the business.

Obviously, my job is focused around making sure the office is running smoothly, and looking after the receptionists and our guests, however I’ve got some good graphic design skills and I’ve been able to use them at Medialab, which I’ve really enjoyed. It’s good to have a creative outlet!


My first check in with Merryana of the day, who will update me on what’s what, and let me know about visitors and meetings that are happening that day. Merryana supports some of the client teams and works across some of the HR, so our roles cross over somewhat. At the moment, we are moving into a new office space on the ground floor, so we are looking into meeting room booking systems, as it’s fairly lawless currently, and making sure the Health and Safety is on point for the next audit.


Lunch time with the girls is always a laugh, and if the weather is nice, we will go for a walk and look at what we can’t afford until payday. As you can imagine, working in Soho doesn’t help. I meal prep, which is normally high in protein – chicken with veg/Cous Cous.


We have lots of client meetings, so it’s my job to meet and greet everyone, make the drinks, and basically ensure that everyone is having a good time from when they arrive to when they leave! I’ll also ring back the news publications back to ensure that our insert campaigns have been delivered.


The office is my baby, and I treat it like that. Whether that’s topping up the sweet pots (which get depleted regularly; not naming names but you know who you are!), making sure the stationary cupboard is organised, there’s ink and paper in the printers and that everyone is happy! Chief Motivational Officer.


Time to head home, which means shutting the shutters, clearing up any glasses, loading the dishwasher and locking the fire exit. A slow gathering of my things from my desk, a quick goodbye and off to make the horrible journey from Oxford Circus to Brixton.


As soon as I’m through the door, pyjamas are on, dinner ready, Netflix on (currently watching Lock & Key). I live home alone, which is the way I prefer it at the moment, and I get into bed around 9pm. Wild. I’m a big Headspace user (thank you Medialab for paying for it!), and my go to is the ‘cabin downpour’ which is essentially rain, and this will send me off to sleep…

If you weren’t at Medialab, what would you be doing?

I would open a swim school in Indonesia (I’m half Indonesian and speak with language) in Jakarta