Our Director of Growth, Suzy


Suzy joined Medialab last year, and is our Director Of Growth. This week things are a little different, and Suzy takes us through her Thursday work day, during a time when millions of us are working from home due to COVID-19.


We’ve nearly come to the end of our first full week of company-wide working from home, given the recent developments around COVID-19. Obviously, these are strange times for us all but, on the plus side, I get an extra half an hour in bed without the commute! After a cup of tea in bed (thanks to a very nice husband), I’ll do 40 minutes of exercise in the living room, courtesy of US fitness coach, Sydney Cummings who posts a new free workout daily on YouTube. She is a bit too perky for me at that time of the morning, but I am making the most of a lack of commute to get exercise out of the way first thing.


With everyone working remotely, regular virtual meetings are really important. First Zoom of the day is with the Board for a check-in. Spirits are high, especially now we have discovered the different backgrounds available on Zoom – if I can’t make it to the Grand Canyon, the Grand Canyon will come to my kitchen!


Second Zoom check in of the day is with our CEO, Marcus, and Marketing Manager, Sam. These sessions give us a chance to check in on everyone’s health and clarify the focus for the day. We are working on initiatives around internal communications, WFH top tips, and some fun interactive ideas for the whole company to participate in virtually. Whilst we are all working from home, everyone’s situation is different, whether that’s looking after their children as schools close, or being on their own – so it’s so important that everyone is included, and we stick together.


It’s a full morning of calls around client campaigns and new business opportunities. I managed to use the virtual whiteboard on Zoom for a brainstorm in one of them! *Adds tech wizard to CV*


Our company wide ‘Lab Live’! Using Workplace, everyday one of the board livestreams to the whole Medialab team from their home workspace. So far, there have been a lot of jokes in the comments section at the expense of whoever is broadcasting, but in between all that there have been some really positive messages around client activity and communicating some of the initiatives to keep us connected internally.


Lunch today is not very exciting and comes in the form of leftover minestrone soup from yesterday. Usually in the office, I’d grab something from our nearest Pret and be back at my desk eating. I’m trying to create some structure in the day working from home, so I have tried to take a break at lunchtime and eat away from the laptop.


Every week in the office at Medialab, we have a MediaTed. In these all company sessions someone will present, to the whole company, recent work or an idea they’ve brought to fruition. So, today, Mattie and Ed talk everyone through their recent submission for the UK Cannes Young Lions – a response to a brief that was centred around Diversity and Inclusion. A slight tech challenge presenting jointly via video link but it worked. Wish them the best of luck!


It’s the end of the working day, and nearly the week. I was meant to meet up with some friends, but seeing as we can’t meet up in person we are having a video hangout and drink together virtually! Seeing real people rather than pixelated version of them once we get back to normal will be strange.

Also, I promise this isn’t sponsored by Zoom and other video conference providers are available!


At the moment, my evening ritual involves Masterchef with a takeaway, followed by my current book American Dirt (which is great), and then bed! But before bed I arrange to send my Mum flowers for Sunday – I was mean to be travelling to see her, but Mothers’ Day has become a virtual one this year

If you weren’t at Medialab, what would you be doing?

I’d be a forensic psychologist, because I’ve always wanted to understand what goes on in the mind of criminals – not sure what that says about me!

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